Sebastien Salva

Sebastien Salva was born in Paris, France, in 1960. He has been painting in the open air rural and urban landscapes for more than 35 years. An extremely skilled and experienced teacher, he has taught students of all ages and all levels. At the age of 5, his father, a Spanish painter, taught him first classical painting. His parents, his mother is a violinist, decide to provide him with a humanistic education and to pass on to him their love of art, which will have a determining influence on his work. At the age of 16, he enters the Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris, and graduates from the Beaux-Arts in Drawing and Painting with honours in 1986. Afterwards, he starts to build his personal body of work while concurrently creating trompe-l'oeil paintings with his father in the most prestigious Parisian buildings. Acting as a freelancer, he fulfils private orders and exhibits his work in Parisian galleries. Some of his paintings are part of French and German private collections. His interest in following tradition as regards realistic landscape painting leads him, in particular, to study and practice painting in the open air. He has painted numerous "vedute" of Venice, Paris and Dresden, all cities where he has lived and that he keeps on exploring in order to bring further his inextinguishable research interest in painting. For that matter, he has been writing a book on painting for more than 15 years, on which his teaching is based. He loves to share his technical knowledge and knows how to bring out the best in his students by providing guidance during the development of their skills and personal outlook. His efficient teaching method has even allowed some of his students to become professional and accomplished painters in the art world. Sebastien Salva is working at "Painting Venice" and, when he does not teach, he paints still lifes and portraits in his workshop in Venice.

Exhibitions and trips:
2011: Solo exhibition at Caos Gallery, Venice
2008: Solo exhibition Gallery "Drei" , Dresden
2007: Solo exhibition Gallery "Stadttheater" , Kamenz
2006: Group exhibition Gallery "Chemnitz" and trip to Venice
2005: Solo exhibition "La Baronnie" Seine et Marne , France
2004: Group exhibition Gallery "Drei" , Dresden
2003: Trip to Venice
2002 and 2003: Solo exhibition Gallery "Dünebacke", Düsseldorf
2001: Solo exhibition Gallery Mouvances , Paris
1999: Trip to USA Cleveland
1998: Trip to Florence
1997-2001: Instructor in a private school for painting and drawing, Espace Saint Melun, France
1994: Tour to Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice, Carrara)
1992: Trip to USA Cleveland
1990: Solo exhibition Gallery Etienne de Causanne, Paris